Friday, August 17, 2018

215 N Chautauqua  -  Courthouse

Sedan, KS 67361

2018 Elections

Primary Election
August 7, 2018

General Election
November 6, 2018

Chautauqua County
Election Office

215 N. Chautauqua St.

Sedan, KS 67361


Primary Election – August 7, 2018          Official Canvass Results 

Race/Candidate                                            Party                     Totals    

United States House of Representatives 4th District

Laura Lombard                                            Democratic  27
James A. Thompson                                  Democratic              25

Rep. Ron Estes                                              Republican 492
Ron M. Estes                          Republican      69

Governor/Lt. Governor

Laura Kelly / Lynn Rogers                              Democratic  26
Carl Brewer / Chris Morrow                            Democratic              9
Joshua Svaty / Katrina Gier Lewison              Democratic              8
Jack Bergeson / Alexander Cline                  Democratic            7
Arden Andersen / Dale Cowsert                    Democratic              5

Kris Kobach / Wink Hartman                          Republican             295
Jeff Colyer / Tracey Mann                             Republican             215
Jim Barnett / Rosie Hansen                            Republican             49
Ken Selzer / Jen Sanderson                          Republican             15
Patrick “PK” Kucera / Patricia Reitz                Republican               6
Tyler Ruzich / Dominic Scavuzzo                  Republican               2
Joseph Tutera Jr. /Phillip Clemente                Republican               2

Secretary of State

Brian “BAM” McClendon                                Democratic            48

Randy Duncan                                               Republican        168
Scott Schwab                                                 Republican      123
Keith Esau                                                      Republican        94
Craig McCullah                                               Republican      63
Dennis Taylor                Republican 50

Attorney General

Sarah G. Swain                                      Democratic            47

Derek Schmidt                                               Republican             555

State Treasurer

Marci Francisco                                             Democratic            48

Jake LaTurner                                                Republican            480   

Commissioner of Insurance

Nathaniel McLaughlin                                    Democratic            49

Vicki Schmidt                                                  Republican             287
Clark Shultz                                                   Republican             257   

Kansas House of Representatives 12th District

Doug Blex                              Republican    414
Brad Hall                                                       Republican    153

State Board of Education 9th District

Jim Porter                                                      Republican             476

District Court Judge District 14, Position 1

F. William Cullins                                          Republican             483

District Court Judge District 14, Position 2

Jeffrey D. Gossard                                         Republican             485

County Commissioner District 1

Parker Massey                                Republican             97
Rick Cooper                                          Republican             92

Precinct Committeemen  & Women
5 or more votes required to be declared a winner per K.S.A. 25-213

Ronald L. Rogers      Caneyville              Republican             20
Wah-Leeta Rogers      Caneyville              Republican             20

Kenneth D. McNown  Center          Republican    14
Dera G. McNown      Center         Republican        13

Richard A. Newby            CQ/Belleville         Republican             29
Audrey Padgett                CQ/Belleville         Republican             29

Billy Wall                          Harrison                Republican             19
Debbie Wall                     Harrison                Republican             20

Joseph Freisberg             Hendricks              Republican             13
Pam Watson                    Hendricks              Republican              9

Marc Champlin                Jefferson                Republican             86
Faye E. Melton                Jefferson                Republican             84

Mitchell Foster                 Lafayette                Republican             12

Alma Foster                     Lafayette                Republican             12

Jeremy A. Hendren         Little Caney           Republican             30
Jamie D. King                  LittleCaney           Republican             31

Rodney Dickens              NorthSedan           Republican             100
Crystal Wade                   NorthSedan           Republican             98

Daniel McMillian        Peru/Belleville       Republican             55
Cheryl McMillian             Peru/Belleville       Republican             53

Jim Beason              SaltCreek              Republican             23
Diana S. Beason          SaltCreek              Republican             23

Tim D. Nordell         SouthSedan           Republican             64
Donna Nordell                 SouthSedan           Republican             64

Dale W. Goode      Summit                  Republican             21
Amy Goode                     Summit                  Republican             21

Brian K. Kline                  Washington           Republican             19
Donna K. Kline                Washington           Republican             18


Township Clerk

3 or more votes required to be declared a winner per K.S.A. 25-213

No declared nominee  Caneyville              

No declared nominee  Center                    

No declared nominee Harrison                

No declared nominee Hendricks              

No declared nominee Jefferson

No declared nominee Lafayette                

Amy Crain              Little Caney           Republican              4

No declared nominee Belleville    

Samuel Wyrick      Salt Creek              Republican              4

No declared nominee Sedan      

No declared nominee Summit

No declared nominee Washington

If you would like to change your party affiliation please view the
2018 Party affiliation rules in Kansas 
all changes must be made by noon on June 1, 2018. 

 To receive an Advance Ballot by mail,
complete the
and return it to the Election Office. 

Or Advance vote during business hours 
Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm at the
Chautauqua County Courthouse
215 N. Chautauqua St. Sedan KS 
July 18, 2018 through Noon on August 6, 2018

Voter registration application online

Voter registration application by mail

Update your voter registration any time. 
Registration closes 21 days prior to any election, and re-opens 
the day following the election.

Registration closed on
July 17, 2018 
for the Primary Election

Candidates Declaration

City or School Declaration

Committeeman or women Declaration

Kansas Primary Nomination Petition

Affidavit of Exemption

Appointment of Treasurer

Statement of Substantial Interest

Poll Agent Appointment 

Select the Candidate declaration form that applies to the position you will be filing for. City/School and Committeeman/women do not require a petition for nomination. All other forms are needed for filing. All filings must be received by noon on June 1, 2018. 

The voting hours for the August 7, 2018 Primary Election will be from
7:00 o’clock am to 7:00 0’clock pm, closing in all polling places.

The voting places in said county shall be as follows:

The Sedan Community Building, 1960 Kansas Rd., Sedan, KS. for qualified electors residing in Center, Lafayette, North Sedan, & Summit precincts.

The First Christian Church, 204 N. Chautauqua, Sedan, KS. for qualified electors residing in Chautauqua-Belleville, Hendricks, Salt Creek, South Sedan, & Washington precincts.

The Longshed 1301 Walnut, Cedar Vale, KS. for qualified electors residing in Caneyville,Harrison, & Jefferson precincts.

The Peru City Hall 106 E. 6th, Peru, KS. Peru-Belleville, & Little Caney precincts.

Please call the Clerk’s Office if you need information regarding your polling location:  620-725-5800.

If you would like to apply to be an Election Worker please fill 

out an application and return it to the County Clerk's office. 

Election worker details

Election worker application

Election worker application